Happy Birthday!!!

20160414_184304 Maddy turned 2 today!!!  We just got back from the outer banks and everything is pretty crazy right now but we still had a party for her with mimi and papa.  We also had another party for her in the outer banks with Nonna and uncle sebby.  Friday we are going to have a party for her and all her friends at the park!!

Outer Banks!!!

20160408_150435-7 We just got back from our trip to the outer banks.  We got to go stay at the beach with the whole family.  Nonna came and uncle Sebby, aunt Sue, and cousin joey even came!!!  We got to play together the whole week.  We even got to have a fire and roast smores on the beach!!  The weather wasn't perfect from a few days but we made the best of it and still had a ton of fun cant wait for the next family vacation.

Closing Day

20160404_162755 So today was closing day on our new house!!!  It was a super busy time for all of us we had to move out of our old house then go up to the outer banks for vacation with the whole family and while we were up there we signed all the paperwork to buy the new house!!!  It was a very stressful month but we got through it and when we leave the outer banks we will be going to our new home!!!!