Beach Pictures

20150901-IMG_1448   20150901-IMG_1577 So mom realized it had been awhile since we had done an "official" photo shoot. So while we were away in Cocoa Beach relaxing while dad was working we did a little shopping and found some cute outfits. I was super excited about my suspender shorts and Maddy liked her dress but LOVED her sparkly shoes. I'm pretty sure she is going to compete with mom on the most pair of shoes before long. She loves her shoes. Anyway, once we got back in town we decided to take a trip down to the local beach, dressed in our latest fashions and take some pictures.

Weekend with Nonna

IMG_0744 So this weekend mommy and daddy went out to Mississippi to do some "work"  It was cool though cause we got to stay home with Nonna!!!  We did a ton of stuff we went to the mall where I got to do the bungee trampoline!!!  We went to busch gardens, we got to do painting at the house it was great.  We missed mom and dad and everything but we could get used to this!!!!